Samper Jiménez 
     & Associates
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About us


Samper Jiménez & Associates is an international law firm founded in Helsinki. It has a vast experience in Spanish law and international transactions, specializing in real estate investment, trade operations and advising non-residents.

Our lawyers have studied and worked both in Spain and Finland, and are experts when it comes to advising groups of international investors, private customers and public bodies.

In Samper Jiménez & Associates we differ from our competitors in that we offer a comprehensive service to our customers in Helsinki, Marbella and Zaragoza. This includes not only a legal and financial assessment, but also negotiating property acquisition and managing the administrative procedures required by the Spanish legislation.

The privileged location of our main office in Marbella, right at the heart of the Costa del Sol, allows us to learn first hand the current market trends and the feasibility of investments, meaning we can offer our international customers the most efficient legal services.